People often want me to tell them all about myself, thinking that maybe there’s some fascinating story or deep-held conviction that might help them know me a little more personally, but honest, there is nothing unusual or secretive–or really even fascinating or amusing–about me to share.  I’m pretty sure I’m just a normal, average person in the suburbs.  I do things for other people all day long, and then I do more, trying and hoping for a successful finish to the end of every day.

I write about the things that happen around me, most of them caused by my children or husband.  I have three children (one husband) and about three hundred  different things that both amuse and irritate the daylights out of me going on at once.

My husband runs a major university somewhere in this world, but you’ll have to figure out which one and where it is because he has specifically asked me not to use his name.  Likewise, my boys have asked me not to clearly identify them, either, but I did not endure decades of chicken nuggets for dinner and Saturdays with the Disney channel to not take advantage of them, so too bad, I use their names.  We have different last names anyway.  Then there is my daughter Nina, who hasn’t made any such requests, so I use her name right along with Nathan and Alex’s names.

Everything else you need to know about me you’ll find embedded in the little stories and vignettes on this site.